Chattanooga Criminal Defense Lawyer


Being charged with a crime is a serious matter that can have devastating consequences on your life. Whether you're facing charges for a misdemeanor, a felony, a white collar crime or a violent crime, what happens after your arrest can have serious repercussions for a long time. If you've been arrested for a crime, you need strong, experienced representation from a tough lawyer with over 20 years of experience in Tennessee criminal law. Chattanooga felony and misdemeanor attorney Mary Sullivan Moore has tried thousands of criminal cases — including juvenile court cases — and hundreds of jury trials for a wide range of crimes, including: theft, robbery, vandalism, drug crimes, simple possession and controlled substance, juvenile offenses, forgery, arson, assault, embezzlement, DUI charges and homicide.

We at Mary Sullivan Moore, Attorney at Law, PLLP, are committed to providing a strong defense at affordable rates for clients facing criminal charges. A former prosecutor, Ms. Moore knows how to examine a criminal case from every perspective to detect weaknesses and anticipate problems. Our office also has a deep understanding of Chattanooga, and the social context within which arrests are often made. We fight hard to defend our clients against convictions that could potentially shatter their lives.


The Burden of Proof


If you've been charged with a crime, the burden of proof lies with the prosecutor. It is his or her job to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty of the crime for which you were arrested. In other words, you are assumed innocent until proven guilty. A seasoned defense attorney can do a lot to raise doubts about the prosecution's evidence, arguing that for example:

  • You had an alibi
  • Police made an illegal arrest
  • Crime scene evidence was mishandled

Even if you plead guilty, an experienced defense attorney can help get your charges reduced, in some cases arguing that:

  • You acted in self-defense
  • You suffered from insanity
  • You were the victim of an entrapment ploy

Whatever your particular situation, criminal defense attorney Mary Sullivan Moore has the experience and fortitude to fight hard for the best possible outcome.


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